2018 Theme "Navigating Transitions"

WHO, UNICEF, and our partners on the GIM planning committee are looking forward to welcoming delegations to the 2018 Global Immunization Meeting, to be held in Kigali, Rwanda from 26-28 June 2018. The meeting will involve 200 participants, and will take place at the Kigali Convention Center, part of which is shown in the picture above.

The 2018 theme of the GIM will be Navigating Transitions, providing an opportunity to work toward a common understanding of changes such as Gavi transition, polio transition, and to explore new opportunities for action as the GVAP comes to a close in 2020. In addition to each morning’s plenary session and a series of short topic sessions, the provisional list of afternoon session topics can be found below.

Over the next few months, we will provide information about meeting logistics as well as opportunities such as:

·     Small group “breakfast with an expert” discussions

·     Displaying materials in the meeting’s marketplace

·     Evening “bar debates” on some of the field’s hot topics

·     Interactive discussion through the meeting’s smart phone app

We welcome you to follow us on Twitter @GIM2018Kigali for updates, reminders, and discussion ahead of the meeting.

We look forward to hosting a dynamic, interactive, and productive meeting in June. 

Afternoon Sessions (provisional)

  • Successful examples of polio transition and use of resources
  • Building managerial capacity including the transition to digital learning
  • Session on data-related innovations and transitions
  • Integration as part of overall program performance for EPI and UHC
  • Outside-In: What innovations from other sectors can be applied to immunization 
  • A review of best practices from the country prespective
  • Addressing urban RI challenges in the wake of weak urban health infrastructure
  • The role of EPI in conflict affected areas including areas experiencing large in/out migration
  • Life course vaccines: newborn, second year of life, older children, adolescent and adult including maternal immunization
  • Showcasing successful demand side interventions including those that address vaccine hesitancy
  • what can campaigns learn from each other
  • Models of private sector engagement
  • Gavi Transition Countries/Middle Income Countries
  • Effectiveness: using vaccine economics as evidence for new vaccine introduction and scale up
  • WHO AFRO immunization business case for the continent