Example exhibit booth

Example exhibit booth

Market Place

The 2018 GIM featured a Market Place where organizations displayed materials, demonstrated their work, and shared updates. Thank you to the following organizations that hosted a booth at the GIM market place:

Booth 1: WHO
Booth 2: Results for Development
Booth 3: JSI
Booth 4: UNICEF
Booth 5: Bull City Learning
Booth 6: ThinkWell
Booth 7: Gavi Civil Society Constituency: showcasing our work at global and country levels
Booth 8: Teaching Vaccine Economics Everywhere
Booth 9: Zipline



GIM_Market Place.jpg

Information for Exhibitors

A standard booth free of charge included:

  1. 2m x 3m exhibition booth
  2. One round table 
  3. One information counter
  4. Two folding chairs
  5. One brochure stand
  6. 2 spot lights
  7. One waste bin
  8. One electrical point 
  9. Support services for importation clearing support